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20x31 M

AMT Restaurant

Role-playing games

50k $MTVT Prize Pool Giveaway!

On May 12th, AMT Restaurant will be showcased between 4-6 PM UTC.
The prize pool mentioned above, will be divided to the players that complete the game during the specified time.
Plus, the first 3 players that complete the game the quickest will be rewarded with additional 10,000 $MTVT each.
Note: Keep in mind that the start of your game must be during the specified time announced.

In AMT Restaurant, you find yourself as the sole remaining chef & waiter after they falls ill. It's up to you to single-handedly manage every aspect of the restaurant, from taking orders to preparing and serving delectable dishes.

AMT Restaurant will put your multitasking skills to the ultimate test. With a range of recipes at your disposal, you'll need to quickly master the art of preparing each dish to perfection. .

# Nickname Start time Finish time Reward